A glass balustrade is an elegant and highly functional alternative to a traditional stair, balcony or deck railing.


In both domestic and in commercial settings, this stylish option is becoming a popular choice amongst professional builders and designers because it has so much to offer in terms of both aesthetic and practical benefits.


Homeowners adore the modern, sophisticated feel that a frameless glass balustrade introduces, while business owners are pleased with the strength and ease of care that today’s glass technologies offer.


Are you are interested in incorporating the beauty and durability of glass into your next build or renovation project? Read on and learn more about the remarkable benefits of opting for glass for railings and borders.



1. Glass creates space


One of the main reasons that glass elements are so popular in home design today is that they help to create the illusion of more space.


With a glass balustrade for stairs or elevated areas, just as with a glass shower screen or glass door, you get to enjoy a transparent border, creating an open, fresh, and more expansive atmosphere.




2. Allows for more light


Glass railings also allow for light to shine through, enhancing the presence of sunlight and also serving to create a more open, airy feel while indoors.


A glass balustrade installed in line with windows creates a very modern, almost ethereal interior, as light is allowed to flow freely within the space, unlike with traditional railings and borders that block light.



3. Glass is ideal for modern interiors


Unlike other balustrade materials, which can dominate an interior or exterior layout, glass brings a simple, modern, and purist style to a space.


A glass balustrade is perfect for modern, minimalist design as it adds a flawless, functional appeal that pairs well with the clean lines, neutral tones, and the stainless steel, stone, and natural wood or brick elements that are frequently found in modern interiors.



4. Glass is eco-friendly


When it comes to eco-friendly, sustainable building, glass reigns supreme. Firstly, it is a much easier material to transport and install than heavy marble or stone.


Also, glass won’t fall apart, rust, or rot like metal or wooden balustrades, making it one of the longest-lasting materials available. And, it can be recycled.



5. A glass balustrade is easy to maintain


Glass is also incredibly simple to clean and maintain. With a basic glass cleaner and a cloth, it is easy to ensure that a glass balustrade remains as pristine and elegant as it was the first day it was installed.


This is a great benefit for homeowners, who won’t need any professional help to keep their balustrade in perfect condition.



6. Glass balustrading is a safe option


The toughened glass that is used today is four to six times stronger than regular glass making it one of the safest options on the market.



7. Versatility


Choosing a glass balustrade also opens up an entire realm of design possibilities. Not only does glass go with everything, from the ornate to the simplistic, always adding a touch of sophistication and luxury, it also can be tailored to the interior.


Choose from a variety of railings, shape the glass in a particular way to create a desired look, or select either framed or frameless to achieve the ideal effect.




Durable, safe, eco-friendly, and stunningly beautiful, glass balustrades are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes and in commercial designs.