frameless glass balustrade















With the clean design and pure finish of glass, a frameless glass balustrade makes a profound statement in elegance and luxury.


To ensure that the finished balustrade offers the pristine look that it should, it must be installed with absolute precision.


In fact, this may be the only risk of installing frameless glass; it has to be done by an expert hand or there is the chance that the completed project will appear crooked or improperly aligned.



A common problem that builders face in delivering this highly popular design element is in getting the exact measurements for a seamless finish.


There is a method that will guarantee a flawless frameless glass balustrade installation. The Ecotech process involves two important steps and an intimate knowledge of the craft.




Using a Laser to Take Final Measurements


The first step is to use a laser to verify the exact dimensions of the glass.frameless glass balustrade


Lasers are used in building for obtaining more accurate measurements than those you can get with a tape measure. 


This type of accuracy is essential when installing frameless glass and providing a highly professional level of workmanship.


Today’s lasers also make taking measurements easier, allowing a craftsman to level an entire 360 degree space perfectly and to accurately assess, measure, and mark a full room.


This will ensure that the balustrade is perfectly aligned with the environment and appears to effortlessly flow with the layout.



Taking Diligent Measurements and Then Adjusting as Needed



Instead of simply measuring from the ground up, which can lead to panels which are stepped and improperly aligned, there is a specific method that professionals can use to prevent problems when working with frameless glass.


The key is to measure with tight sizes as base measurements, and then to add or subtract exact measurements depending on which fittings and fixtures are used.


This is an effective way to get accurate dimensions and to ensure a perfect fit as the glass balustrade is installed.


When done properly, a frameless glass balustrade offers a sophisticated addition to any space – while also being practical as one of the most durable and versatile balustrade materials available.