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If you are budgeting for a renovation and are considering installing glass balustrade in your home, you’ll need to understand how the pricing works when it comes to cost per metre.


When you are estimating the lineal metre rates of the glass balustrade, it is important to note that they are based on a 10 metre straight run with no gates. 


Therefore, the cost per metre of the balustrade in general will not include gates. Also, the price of the balustrade is always on application, depending on what system is used. 


For example, it could be dry fit (mechanical fittings) or wet fix (with grout).


There are mainly two different types of balustrade systems that you could install within your home, the Standoff or the Spigot. Let’s take a look at these two different options and what they would cost per metre.



What Is a Standoff?


A standoff is a balustrade that is fixed horizontally into the landing face, stringer or the wall. Each panel of the glass requires a hole for every fixing. These types of balustrades can be fixed into timber, concrete, block or steel.

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The advantage of this system is that it is very clean looking and it has a wide range of applications. It can be used for landing options and internal staircases, as well as many other situations. Also, the holes in the glass can be countersunk, which makes the fixing method hidden.


The cost of this type of balustrade is approximately $500-$600 per lineal metre if you are using imported glass. If you choose to use custom glass, the rate would be approximately $900-$1000 per lineal metre.



What Is a Spigot?


A spigot is a type of balustrade that is fixed downwards using batten screws. It is the most popular system at the moment, due to the market being flooded with DIY kits designed to help homeowners set them up themselves.

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Spigots come in a range of different designs, shapes and sizes. They can be made with custom glass, or they can also be made with imported Chinese glass. The cost per metre for this type of balustrade is approximately $500-$600 with imported glass or approximately $650-750 per lineal metre with custom glass.


Another option to consider is a channel fixing system, which is a very easy, simple and affordable fixing method. It is very sturdy and easy to work with and the channel can be hidden. This makes it appear like the glass is coming right out of the deck


Whichever style of balustrade you choose, make sure that you correctly calculate what the cost per metre will be so that you can ensure it fits within your renovation budget. Each item will include hardware, glass, a capping handrail and the associated components such as joiners, wall clips and more. It will also include a full day installation and the labour and time of two technicians.


Keep in mind that these prices are only used as a starting point. They do not include any coatings, shaped glass and handrail brackets or other extras. All of the glass we use is 12mm toughened safety glass with polished edges and an overall height of at least 1000mm.


Please note – we recommend that you take advantage of Enduroshield Easy Clean coating in order to prolong the life of the glass and make sure that it can be cleaned quickly and easily.