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If you are looking to incorporate a glass barrier inside your home or outside in the garden, it won’t be long before you come across the word ‘balustrade.’ This is just another name, or the correct name, for a glass fence. But do you know the exact definition of balustrade? And what else do you need to know about glass fences and balustrades when you want to use them to illustrious effect in your luxury home?



The Definition of Balustrade

A baluster, from the French word ‘balustre,’ is a support for a railing. So a railing with supporting balusters is called a balustrade. Now you know exactly what balustrade means. When we have used the words ‘glass fence’ and ‘railings,’ your first thought could well be the use of a glass balustrade in the garden, yard, or around a swimming pool.



Swimming Pool

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A glass balustrade around a swimming pool, or glass pool fencing, is ideal from a safety point of view as it can act as a barrier and help prevent children or wildlife from stumbling into the area unsupervised.


It will also offer shelter from the wind while allowing colours, shapes and reflections to dance off the surface of the glass. Simply beautiful!





Decking and Garden

The same applies to any outside area you want to use to relax, eat or entertain guests. A glass balustrade will allow you to admire the view or watch the world go by – while protecting and sheltering you from dust, splashes and wind. It offers a low maintenance solution and glass fencing in your garden provides clean, neat finishing lines to your outdoor area.




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A glass balustrade on a balcony is ideal for a small space. Maximum light can penetrate the area and a wonderful ambience is created as the light fades into the evening.


You will want to use the professionals to ensure the job is completed to a high standard and is completely safe.


You can count on Ecotech Glass to use the best in quality products. Our workmanship, customer service and care will not let you down.



Now you know exactly what a balustrade is, let’s summarise the benefits of using glass fencing over other types of fence materials:


  • The result is streamlined, contemporary and stylish
  • Low maintenance – no need to treat with preservatives, apply paint, or invest valuable time and money in its upkeep
  • Weather resistance – won’t rot with rain and moisture or get blown over by the wind