The luxury home market brings together an amazing assortment of wonderful interior and exterior designs. One of the most exciting new trends here in Melbourne is the use of glass in flooring and staircases.


As glass technology has improved in safety and durability, glass has become a staple in luxury home construction. In fact, it continues to surge in popularity as even more people see the beauty it provides in the home. This is especially true with a glass stair balustrade.


Are you interested in a glass stair balustrade system in your house? Have a look below to learn more about all the perks of including this option in your interior design.



What is a Glass Balustrade?


glass stair balustrade


A glass balustrade staircase is a beautiful, stylish trend making a big splash across the luxury home market.


Traditional railings and banisters are made from components like wood or stone. This makes the use of glass a much bolder and more contemporary design choice.


It’s the perfect way to open up the home while creating a distinctive, luxurious showpiece.





How Glass Balustrade Staircases Enhance Your Home


There are all sorts of great glass balustrade benefits when included in your home construction. These include all the following:

  • Clear Line of Vision: Transparent glass provides an open line of sight where balustrades are installed. This can dramatically open up the home’s appearance to create a wider, more expansive aesthetic.


  • More Natural Light: Natural light from your windows can add even more light into the home with glass staircase railings. For many homes, this can lead to an impressive addition of lightness and brightness to the entire interior.



  • Strong and Durable Glass: Advancements in glass within interior design have shifted how people think of this option. Glass outfits are strong, durable, and resistant to cracks and breakage.


  • Customisable Choices: You can find just the right balustrade design to match the rest of your interior décor. There are multiple sizes, shapes, and styles to ensure you’ll find a choice that you’ll love.


  • Easy to Clean: Glass is among the easiest substance to clean and maintain – and this applies to glass staircase balustrades as well. Glass only needs regular cleaning to keep it looking clear, bright, and beautiful.



Understanding Glass Stair Balustrade Prices


glass stair balustrade

Another concern many people have when making design choices is the overall cost. So it’s natural that you’re probably curious about glass staircase prices.


What can you expect when it comes to pricing for these staircase options? Here are a few ways to better estimate what you’ll have to pay to equip your home with this luxury feature:


  • Your Specific Needs: The size, style, and total scope of your balustrade design will directly affect the cost.


  • The Right Glass and Glazing Company: You’ll want to work with a high quality, well-reviewed glass and glazing company like Ecotech Glass. We’ll provide you with the highest quality components and installation at a fair price point.