Does your balcony need a glass windbreak panel?


A glass windbreak will maximise your view while providing you with comfort, protection and security. Read on to learn more about the function of these panels and how you can choose the right one.


What Are Glass WindBreak Panels?



A windbreak or a privacy screen is mainly used where you have a second level balcony that overlooks a neighbour’s property. The panels allow you some privacy when you are sitting out on your balcony.


Also, it will protect you from the wind so that you can eat lunch outside without worrying about bad weather. You’ll enjoy protection from the wind without obstructing your view. This means that you can turn any outdoor area into a comfortable and usable space.


The height of this type of screen will vary, but they are usually around 1700mm. As the windbreak gets taller the posts are set closer together in order to give it more stability and wind resistance. Typically, an aluminium base plated post system is used, along with 10mm or 12mm mat-lucent glass. However, clear glass can also be used. The advantage of this option is that it allows you to enjoy the view.


If you have a glass balustrade on your balcony, the windbreak panel can be made in a similar design so that they work well together and have a natural flow. Having a glass balcony has a lot of advantages. Not only does it give you the best views but it also looks sleek and stylish, and is safe, practical and modern.


Choosing a Design


The layout of the panels can be adaptable, although it is best to keep them as simple as possible. Also, the aluminium can be powder coated in any colour you choose. This means that you can add a tint of colour to match the overall tone of your home decor and the outside surfaces of your house.


When choosing glass windbreaks for decks, you will not only be considering the practical application of the product but also the aesthetic qualities. When you choose the right design, a windbreak panel should become invisible, as it will blend perfectly with the rest of the decor of your home.



Also, you will want to consider the longevity of the material and whether or not it will be difficult to maintain and repair. When it comes to fixing your glass balustrade decking and windbreak panels, you don’t want to have to constantly make expensive repairs.