Finding the perfect glazier for you and your Melbourne home can be difficult. You need a glazier with integrity, vision, skill, and with the experience required to provide what you need.



My journey has taken me across the world and has given me an unprecedented insight into top-quality custom glass solutions.



On my journey, I picked up three main concepts which all great glaziers should employ in their work.



Read on, find out more about my glazing philosophy, and find the best Melbourne-based glazier for your unique project.



Finishing Perfection



A glazing project does not exist in isolation. It must integrate with the overall aesthetic of your home, and its design and installation must become part of a wider project as you seek to achieve the Melbourne kitchen, bathroom, or home of your dreams.



Rather than simply crafting the piece and installing it, with no regard to how it will marry with the property’s design themes and features, I developed a practice in which the project’s finish and its position in the wider design context was paramount.



It is this which sets apart the work of a top glazier from that of the competition. A commitment to creating a sumptuous finish – both in an aesthetic and practical sense – means that the work of the industry’s top glaziers really stands head and shoulder above the rest.



We can see the results of the application of this concept in the projects I worked on with Glasstrends in the UK.



Glazier Melbourne 2

Flawless finishing which surpasses even the


wildest hopes of the client, skillful designs which


meld seamlessly with the environments they are


installed in, and a masterful attention to detail


are evident at every turn.



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Melbourne’s glaziers are providing luxurious, high-quality, and expertly designed products to their clients, but they are also providing a service. Instead of concentrating solely on the quality of their product, or focusing entirely on honing the level of service they provide, the best glaziers in Melbourne strike a perfect balance between the two.



This means providing a top notch service while also offering a flawless product, and not being beaten by anyone in either category. Arriving in Melbourne from London, I set about proving how such a thing could be possible.



To achieve this perfect balance, the best glaziers recognise that without a high level of service quality, they do not have a business. Regardless of the quality of their products, if their installation service or customer interaction is not top-notch, the consumer will simply head elsewhere.



Working with the client is also vital. The very best glaziers aim to create and fulfil the outcomes that their clients desire, working with them first to develop, and then to create and install this interior design vision.



None of this is possible without a staunch commitment to incredible service, time and time again, which is one of the core principles that I took with me from my journey in London to Melbourne.



Without this, I would not be able to do what I do, and I would not be able to achieve the results that I want to be renowned for.



Collaboration Is Key



As a leading glazier with a career spanning many years and numerous locations across the globe, I have been privileged enough to developed an array of different skills, techniques, and working practices aimed at making my products and services the best they can possibly be.



This includes an emphasis on collaboration, and working with a diverse array of materials, colours, and textures, if this is what the client requires.



A successful glazing project is one that goes above and beyond the client’s expectations and creates something which surpasses their aims, something which I feel can only be achieved via opening up and diversifying the approach.



It is this emphasis on collaboration which I am really excited about. For me, the best glaziers that Melbourne has to offer are those who work with designers and other interior and exterior specialists in an effort to create something truly unique.


Glazier Melbourne 3


I would describe the best approach as communicative, listening to what the


client requires, adding input, and then developing the best methods to achieve


those aims. Often, this means working alongside the best designers and


creating a totally client-driven service.





This is how magical designs are created, like the bespoke sauna and steam room configurations I worked on with Glasstrends. Each of these designs unifies expert efforts from a variety of different disciplines to provide exactly what the client needs.