A row of stunning modern shop front designs, sophisticated and inviting, is what makes shopping so alluring. A dated, poor quality shop front, on the other hand, can hurt a brand reputation and turn off customers who would otherwise come in to browse and buy.


Want to distinguish your store – or your client’s business – with a stand out installation? Here are the factors that go into creating the modern, welcoming impression that only a well-thought-out installation can offer.


1. Glass Is the Most Appealing Shop Front Material


Glass has the power to draw attention, drawing people to look into your store. Most business owners put a lot of time and money into creating an attractive interior. Glass allows this work to be put on display, signalling to customers the quality and professionalism that can be found inside, whilst still remaining unobtrusive.


Whether it’s the natural sunlight streaming in or interior lighting that illuminates from within on cloudy days or in the evening, unassuming glass will always entice. It’s also incredibly strong.  This offers any business owner the peace of mind they need. The structural integrity of glass is superior to other building materials like wood and synthetics, and it’s easier to maintain.  



2. Quality Is Good for Business


When choosing the right shop front glass installation, keep in mind, quality does matter. People can recognise the quality of glass instantly. A beautiful window is going to create a sense of value and a higher calibre of service, without saying a word. It will reflect upon the business going on inside. Cheap glass will case a much different impression, let alone will be easier to scratch, dent, or break.


A special glass, such as toughened safety glass will also keep the interior protected from the elements, accidents, and break-ins. This will help to save money on maintenance and repair costs in the future.



3. Frameless Glass Is Ideal for a Modern Appeal


With the clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, frameless glass is perfect for a modern look. The advantage of frameless shop front glazing systems is that they will look appealing today and years down the road. You’ll also get the flexibility to evolve the look of your interior design, without having to upgrade your shop front every few years. The glass will still look like it was just installed, whilst the interior can be enhanced to fit current style trends.


Glass installation with frameless glass is also relatively simple, allowing for greater versatility in the design to create a customised look. For example, sliding doors can create a highly functional shop front. Frosted glass can be used to create more privacy, yet still offer a stylish, modern look.  It’s possible to adorn the glass with a logo, name, or any graphic with sandblasting to create a sophisticated finish. Adding decals to the door or window can accent the shop front with just the right amount of style.



4. Explore Different Glazing Systems


There are so many different ways that glass can be used to create the perfect shop front. An experienced glazing company will discuss different options, based on the most suitable glazing systems for a particular store in terms of function, safety, and aesthetics.


For example, here’s a slimline shop front installation using 12 mm toughened safety glass. The look is flawless and mythical maids and works well with every industry from retail shop to cafes and bakeries. The installation includes frameless pivot doors mounted on patch fittings with commercial entrance handles for a sleek, modern appearance.



Here’s an example of the use of a special glass to complement the style of the brand. The glass is tinted, creating a subtle smoky appearance that works well with this men’s fashion store. With frameless glass, it’s possible to create a tailored shop front without having to use signs or create a cluttered look with different materials.




5. Factors for a Flawless Installation


When having your shop front installed, the builder will manage the renovation process. They will prepare the opening for the glass company, who will then come in for the installation of the frame and the glass.


There’s a lot that goes into deciding the right glazing system, including wind loading, glass weight, flashings and waterproofing, and the dimensions of the glass. The builder and glazing contractor will coordinate, ensuring everything is set up for the installation. This will include the proper use of sealants, taking precise measurements, and proper alignment with all of the manufacturer’s installation instructions.



6. Enjoying Your Modern Shop Front


Glass is timeless and long-lasting. It will make any shop front appear inviting, whilst at the same time protecting the store. Once your glass shop front is installed, taking care of it is relatively easy. You can retain the original clarity and beauty and enjoy an attractive shop front for years to come.