At Ecotech Glass, we strive to provide the highest in quality products, workmanship,
customer service and care. Ecotech Glass offers a wide range of products and services
individually selected to suit your space, style and spend. Using the latest in glass
and glazing technology, we provide outstanding quality at competitive rates.

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Ecotech Glass products are custom made and individually manufactured in Australia. Our team has expansive knowledge and experience in difficult and high-end glass installations. Ecotech Glass’s comprehensive experience and our strong attention to detail on every glass and glazing installation certify customer satisfaction at the end of every project we undertake.


With today’s contemporary building designs, both flexibility and clarity are prized. The use of glass in the home, office and on other structural designs is to provide the essential element of natural light. Glass’s visual lightness and transparency provides structures with an ambiguous, floating quality – while saturating the interior with bold, natural light.


Why You May Have to Replace Your Glass Table Top

  Glass has a long list of appealing characteristics, which is why it’s such a desirable table top material. Easy maintenance, a look that never goes out of style and it’s not vulnerable to damage and decay from moisture, dust and other unavoidable environmental...

Glass Table Top Price Explained

  Wondering what glass table top price range to expect when you purchase custom glass for your table?    Adding a sleek, modern aesthetic to your dining room, kitchen, living room or other space, whilst also serving to protect the table underneath from dust,...

7 Rectangle Glass Table Top Ideas for Your Home

  From a sleek glass dining room table to dazzling coffee tables with a rectangle glass table top, a glass surface always adds a distinctively elegant look to any space. As glass is the master of versatility when it comes to design, you have a sea of options for...


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