When your shop window glass cracks, breaks or in any other way becomes damaged, your business is at risk. You should contact your local glaziers to set up your shop front glass replacement right away. Experienced professionals will make it out to your property as soon as possible to prevent your cracked or broken glass from becoming a bigger problem for your business.


However, there will inevitably be a time period in which your shop will be vulnerable, not to mention the aesthetic issues of having shattered glass on display when your customers pass by your business.


From the weather to theft, you should take appropriate measures to ensure your shop is safe and secure. Here are the steps you can take while waiting for your glass to be fixed.



1. Contact the Police and Your Insurance Company


Your shop front glass replacement will likely be covered by your insurance. In order to make the claims process go smoothly, it’s important to take the proper steps as soon as you notice there is a problem.


  • If your broken glass appears to be the result of a break-in or an attempted break-in, call the police right away. You’ll need to file a report in order to document the damage. Then, call your insurance company to let them know what happened and to make sure you are clear on the claims process.


  • If it appears to be the result of heavy winds or a natural accident, such as fallen tree branch, call your insurance company right away to file a claim.




2. Take Pictures


Before trying to clean up or remove any broken glass, make sure you take pictures of the damage. You’ll need photographs of your damaged window to file your claim. Take photographs from several angles, even if you think your pictures may be redundant. An experienced insurance professional can better assess the cause of the damage with a clear view of your shop front.



3. Call the Glass Professionals


Next, call your glass replacement provider. Even if it is not within normal business hours, you can call and leave a message or send an email to let your glass company know what happened. They will also be able to work with your insurance company, making it easier to get your replacement glass installed quickly.



4. Have the Glass Removed


You’ll need to remove glass to prevent you or others from being hurt. If you leave broken glass in or around your shop and someone is hurt, you could be liable for their injuries. This could inflate the overall cost of your shop window’s damage tremendously.


Clearly mark off the area with brightly coloured tape and orange safety cones until a professional can take care of the mess. Also, your insurance company may cover the costs of cleanup.



5. Secure Your Shop


And finally, it’s important to secure your shop until your shop window glass can be replaced. Even if it is a small crack or you aren’t worried about theft, you don’t want to leave an opening for your heated or cooled air to escape. You also don’t want to have to deal with water damage if it rains. Window glass repair professionals can measure your shop front and put up temporary panels to keep your shop secure until the replacement can be installed.


If your shop window glass is made from special safety glass, you likely only have a crack or shattered glass that is still held within place. As safety glass is extremely difficult to break, even with a crack it is unlikely someone will be able to break into your shop.





Wait for the Professionals


When you need shop front glass replacement, your trusted window glass company can help you get your window fixed quickly and efficiently. As long as you have taken preliminary measures, experienced professionals can take care of the cleanup and replacement, leaving you with beautiful new store windows in no time.