Custom Glass

Custom glass elements have become an increasingly popular choice for luxury home design in Australia.

Glass splashbacks, frameless showers, balustrades, pool fencing, and other interior and exterior fixtures create an undeniably appealing look. The minimalistic, modern feel of glass allows it to pair well with almost any interior design concept.

Your clients expect nothing less than the best when it comes to their custom glass features.

As a project manager, builder or architect having a working relationship with highly experienced glaziers is essential in order to provide your clients with the beautiful, timeless design that they want.

Unfortunately, despite your commitment to superior workmanship, your custom glass subcontractor may not possess the same high standards for custom work.

While you may have made the effort to vet your glazier, problems arise when a subcontractor fails to keep his word. This can leave you in a difficult position, between your dissatisfied client and an unreliable craftsman.

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Ten promises that your glazier may fail to keep

  1. We will have no problem meeting our agreed upon timeline.

You already know that going over deadlines is a common problem in home building projects, and one of the key issues that makes your job difficult. Contractors tend to make promises that they may have trouble keeping in order to secure work.

This can disrupt your whole project and frustrate your client. Checking at least two references before working with a glazier, you can determine if your potential subcontractor has a history of going over the planned timeframe.

  1. We can give your client a perfect finish.

‘Perfect’ is not a subjective term when it comes to completing custom glass projects in Australia’s luxury homes. High-quality metallic, pearl, and other glass finishes are in high-demand.

Make sure to view a glazier’s portfolio yourself so you can determine if they are capable of a executing a perfect finish.

  1. We only use high-quality hardware.

Not all glaziers use the best hardware in their work. Some Companies may be tempted to reduce their own costs by using inferior mounts, metal frames, hinges and other pieces. Even the use of subpar adhesives can sacrifice the integrity and durability of a finished project.

Skilled craftsmen understand that using strong, high-quality hardware components is essential for building pieces that will last. Consider, for example, the weight of a sheet of glass; heavy duty hardware is essential for crafting custom glass architectural elements that will stand the test of time without issues arising later down the track.

  1. We always fulfil our guarantees.

As a builder, you are required by law in Australia to ensure that all workmanship is completed to a high standard and to deliver everything in your contract. If not, you could be required to repair, replace, or refund work done for your client.

It is up to you to ensure that your glazier fulfils his commitments to you, or the responsibility for subpar work could fall on your shoulders.

  1. We use easy clean coating on our work.

Glass cleaning is an ongoing maintenance project for homeowners. In order to keep glass splashbacks, doors, balustrades, and other elements in excellent condition, glass should be checked and cleaned every three to six months.

Having coatings to make cleaning easier  is a huge selling point for custom glass work. If the custom glass pieces that your subcontractor installs aren’t coated properly. There is a large risk of irrepairable damage to the glass surface. Limescale and water staining is almost impossible to remove once etched into the glass face.

  1. Our employees have the trade qualifications necessary to do the job.

Less than one-third of glaziers are suitably qualified. Becoming a qualified glazier takes years of experience, including approximately 8000 hours as an apprentice and training from an accredited body.

The Australian Glass & Glazing Association requires a minimum of 2 to 4 years of apprenticeship as well as a diverse work portfolio, industry references, and a high level certificate in the craft to become certified.

Take the time to find out if your contact really is as qualified as they say they are. There are a large number of glaziers in todays marketplace who have never been trained to follow the correct industry standards or installation methods, this alone can have devastating consequences down the track.

  1. Our employees have worked all over the world.

Global experience is a huge benefit in the glass and glazing industry. Glaziers who have worked in different countries will have had the opportunity to have worked with varying Master Glaziers and may have acquired first-hand experience with different techniques.

If your glass subcontractor claims to have done custom work abroad, be sure to find out more details, such as references and what work they actually did.

  1. We employ expert glaziers who have experience in a variety of techniques.

Varied experience and an in-depth knowledge of different techniques is essential for being able to complete high-quality craftsmanship.

When vetting a subcontractor, learn the details of which techniques they are familiar with, and how skilled they truly are.

  1. Product knowledge is one of our strengths.

There are so many different types of glass, finishes, and hardware components that come into play, depending on what techniques are used, and what architectural or design element a client is looking for.

With glass, truly the only limit to what can be done is the imagination – if your glazier truly has an in-depth knowledge of what products are available and how they can be used.

Ask them to recommend different design details, hardware options or layouts.

  1. We have strong relationships with local glass suppliers.

As a project manager, you know how important working relationships are in the industry.

Ask to talk to your glazier’s suppliers yourself; this is also an excellent opportunity to check on the work history of your subcontractor.