Balustrade Spacing Regulations


A glass balustrade is a beautiful way to finish your deck, balcony or staircase. However, balustrades must be not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe. Read on to learn the spacing regulations for balustrade.


The Importance of Balustrade Spacing Regulations


In order for a balustrade to be safe, especially in a home with children and pets, it needs to have the right spacing.


If the spaces between the glass panels are too large, there is a risk that a small child can squeeze through them and fall from the balcony.


Or, there may be a risk of a child inserting their arm, leg or head in a gap in the balustrade and then becoming painfully trapped.


Also, the balustrade should not be easy for a child to climb, because a curious toddler could climb it and then sustain a dangerous fall.



Preventing Accident and Injury


If the balustrade has an unsafe design, there is a greater risk of injury. A deck or balcony without the correct spacing regulations is an accident waiting to happen. This is why there are regulations for balustrade spacing.


Even if you don’t have children, these balustrade spacing regulations must be enforced, as there is always the possibility that children may visit your property or you may sell your home in the future to a family with children.


The most important thing to remember is that balustrading must be constructed so that a sphere that is 125mm in diameter cannot pass through any gap or hole at any point within the structure.


In other words, this means that any gap within the structure cannot be bigger than 125mm max, in a 360 degree direction, including weight, height and depth.


Remember that if the balusters are thinner at some points, the distance between them must still be less than 125mm even at these points. These balustrade regulations are very important to remember, for the safety of any children in the vicinity.



Fixing Your Balustrade


If your balustrade doesn’t meet these regulations, you may not need to tear it out completely and start again.


Sometimes it is possible to have a professional add additional balusters or glass panels between the existing ones to ensure that the openings are less than 125mm.


To find out more about our services and how we can make sure your balustrade is safe and meets all regulations, feel free to contact us today.