A glass shopfront is the optimal choice for businesses that understand the benefits of smart, appealing design.


Today, store owners are looking for a storefront that will retain its look and functionality for years, while also allowing them to seamlessly evolve their shop’s look and style as design trends change.


Glass offers a timeless aesthetic as well as heightened security and the flexibility that empowers every business to achieve its designs goals today – and in the future.


Glass offers much more than an attractive, modern look. It offers all the features that your commercial clients are looking for.




Glass Will Attract More Walk-in Traffic


With the increase in online sales, business owners have to take advantage of every opportunity they can to increase foot traffic for their storefronts. Offering a more inviting entrance is one way to attract more customers to walk in, browse a shop’s offerings and potentially make a sale.


Using glass for the walls and storefront doors is more inviting than steel or wood. People are more enticed to enter into a bright, airy, light-filled shop where they can see other customers browsing inside than they are to open the doors of an establishment that appears closed off or opaque.



Better Display Opportunities


Business owners want to show off their bustling café or put their eye-catching fashion on display. Glass makes this possible, allowing your clients to show the world what they have to offer. A glass storefront in effect becomes a powerful marketing tool for a business.




With a transparent entrance, business owners can also make use of their interior design to appeal to potential customers.


Strategically placed design elements such as indoor plants, the right lighting and updated furniture can be put on display to grab people’s attention as they walk by and draw them in to check out a store.



Lets Light into a Shop


Glass also has the twofold benefit of allowing brilliant, natural light into a shop. This can cut down on energy costs as a business can rely on sunlight to illuminate an interior during prime daylight hours.




For a commercial business, this can yield significant savings.


Natural light is also known to enhance mood and boost workplace performance. This makes it an excellent choice for commercial spaces as it will help everyone, from customers to staff, feel more uplifted and will encourage an overall positive environment.



Maximises Floor Space


A glass exterior has the beneficial effect of expanding the interior floor space. Floor to ceiling glass panels, in particular, are an effective design tool for creating more space and increasing the value of a building.


A spacious interior is also more comfortable, creating an open, desirable environment that customers are likely to spend more time in.


Many businesses even use glass as a partition within workspaces for the same reason – glass doesn’t eat up floor space in the same way that other materials like wood, brick, and metals do.



Powerful Security


One reason that business owners may hesitate to choose a glass storefront is security.


After all, glass can break, right?


With the toughened and laminated glass options on the market today, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Glass is remarkably strong, which is why you see it being used for commercial exteriors with everyone from luxury furniture businesses to tech giants and banks.


From stopping crime to holding up against the elements, shopfront glass is about as secure as you can get. You can use glass that is hurricane and break-in proof, giving shop owners the solution they need to keep their business secure.



Low Maintenance


This is one of the most important benefits of a glass shopfront. It’s easy to keep clean – glass requires a basic glass cleaner and cloth, that’s it.


Shop owners won’t have to hire out for routine maintenance to keep their exterior walls and doors in excellent, like-new condition.


Unlike other materials, glass isn’t going to rot, rust or deteriorate over time. This means stores can enjoy a sustainable flawless aesthetic, instead of having to reinvest into upkeep every few years.



Easily Fitted with Different Door Systems


Flexibility is an essential feature for commercial spaces. One business may want a revolving door system, while for others, an automatic door system is important.


From the traditional to the complex, glass can be easily fitted to work with any type of entranceway.



Customised Options


Glass panels can be shaped, fitted and installed to suit the unique needs of each and every business owner.


Different types of glass can be used, as well as varying levels of thickness to achieve specific goals such as noise reduction, light entry and privacy.


It can be clear or frosted, tinted or decorated with brand decals or other accents. It can be framed or frameless, giving business owners endless options of how they want their store to appear.



Looks Great


The most obvious reason that glass storefronts can make a business more appealing is appearance.


The clarity, the possibilities for creative illumination with different light as well as the use of natural sunlight, and the grandeur that comes with interior spaciousness, make glass the most popular design choice.


The best part is, while metals, synthetic materials, and even wood will eventually look outdated, glass will always look modern and sophisticated.


Shop owners can update the lighting, change the interior layout, clean their glass storefront and completely revitalise their shop’s appearance and appeal five, ten or fifteen years in the future. Because of its inherent aesthetic – clear, light-giving and versatile – it will always look perfect.



Glass Drives Business Better Than Any Other Material


There’s no question that glass is ideal for creating that much desired modern look. But the benefits of shop front glass transcend appearances. Glass is also the practical option in terms of maintenance, durability, safety and versatility.


Glass storefronts aren’t just a design choice, they are a solution.